Is Your Garden Suffering From Whiteflies?

Is Your Garden Suffering From Whiteflies?

Call A Cut Above Tree Service for whitefly removal in Star and Boise, ID

You've spent all year planning, planting, and tending to your garden and caring for your trees. Before you know it, you notice your garden's health deteriorating because of a whitefly infestation. Whiteflies are pesky insects that are common in mid to late summer and wreak havoc on plants such as tomatoes, bell peppers, okra, sweet potatoes, and cabbage. There are options to temporarily remove whiteflies, but to permanently eliminate the problem, call the Star and Boise, ID professionals at A Cut Above Tree Service.

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Signs that may indicate a whitefly infestation

Whiteflies are a common pest that can ruin your garden. They are closely related to aphids and are white-winged insects with a triangular body. The reason they cause damage to plants and trees is because they extract plant juices and produce a sticky substance known as 'honeydew' that can cause fungi to grow. This fungus prevents leaves from capturing sunlight. The experts at A Cut Above Tree Service in Star and Boise, ID are able to permanently remove these pesky insects.

If you see any of the following signs, you might have a whitefly infestation:

  • An abundant presence of adult whitefly insects
  • Wilting, deformed and dying leaves
  • Presence of honeydew and fungus on leaves
  • Poor plant growth and production

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