Maintain the Trees on Your Residential Landscape

Tree care and maintenance services in Boise and Star, ID

Are the trees on your property growing out of control? Have you been looking for an expert to help nurture the trees in your yard? A Cut Above Tree Service in Boise and Star, ID can help. We are the area's trusted experts for comprehensive tree services. You can rely on our proven experience to maintain and cultivate the trees on your property so that you can enjoy the health, safety, beauty and life of your trees for years to come.

We are family-owned and operated; trusted and ethical. We provide unparalleled customer service -- our attention to detail and care means that you'll have comfort and confidence throughout the process. The person that you talk to on the phone is the same one that will walk through the job with you and that will do the work. We know that you love your trees. That's why we'll share your vision and walk you through every decision, large and small.

Residential an Commercial

We offer the following tree care and maintenance services:

•Tree pruning - the process of removing parts of a tree to encourage growth
•Tree removal - safe removal of a tree from your property
•Stump work - removal or grinding of stumps
•Dead wooding - removal of dead wood from the crown of a tree
•Tree thinning - selective removal of branches to encourage healthy growth
•Tree planting - count on our experts to find the right trees for successful growth on your property
•Internal rigging and bracing - avoid tree failure and encourage proper growth
•Crown reduction - safe reduction of tree size

* Please note that per International Society of Arboriculture (ISA, the governing body), we do not top trees. This is detrimental to the health and safety of your trees and can reduce your property value. The proper method is crown reduction as a viable solution for height issues. If you have any questions on this, please call us.

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Whether you're concerned about the health of the trees on your property or you need a professional to safely remove an unsightly stump, you should contact A Cut Above Tree Service in Boise and Star, ID today. We'll help you make safe and environmentally-friendly decisions for your home. Call 208-898-4286 today and get a free estimate on your next tree care or maintenance service.